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Natural Rectangular Laundry Hamper


Helping to keep your dirty clothing, linen and towels out of sight, the rectangular bamboo laundry hamper will provide a stylish storage solution for a tidy home. Made from durable bamboo, the hamper is durable for the everyday busy home, while adding some rustic charm to your room. 

Bamboo is a natural material that regenerates quickly, making it a more viable and environmentally safer material for the eco-conscious consumer. A natural cotton liner, which is removable, helps to protect your clothing and basket, adding a touch of freshness to the hamper. Rope handles on the hamper and wood ring handle on the lid allow you to move the basket with ease. A wonderful addition in your bathroom or bedroom, this laundry hamper will help you keep a clutter free home.


W40 x D30 x H60cm

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