We offer Value, Quality, Innovation

VALUE: At JS home, we hold the core belief that the home should be as cozy and comfortable as possible and as such, it should be as beautiful and well decorated with the best aesthetics.

QUALITY: Quality is the hallmark of our brand. We strive to ensure you get the best products out there, from Home to Kitchen and Gift products. Products that speak to your class, elegance and style! and all this at very fair prices.

INNOVATION: Like you, we love to get the best and latest products out there. Our team work tremendously to ensure you are in the know on the latest products and information.If there is a new and lovely product, you can count on us to give you first hand information and to deliver it to you!

JS Home offers a variety of products that bring out the beauty of a place.

We offer Home Decors that transform your house to a Home and makes it extremely comfortable.

We offer Kitchen Decors to make the most important room in your home come alive and your meals taste even better.

We offer you the very best items to gift your loved ones during special occasions and every other day as well!


The Home is a precious place, and even though the 21st century 9-5 life wont allow us spend much time there, it is very vital that the little time we do spend at home be comfortable, relaxing and soothing.

This we want to achieve by giving you the very best products to help turn your house to a home and make every area of it worth staying.
Enjoy your shopping with us!