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Ultra Premium Microfibre Pillow Pair


Embrace a more luxurious bedtime with this Silk and Microfibre Pillow

This soft and fluffy pillow is filled with premium microfibre and silk for a pillow that's soft and breathable properties of silk make these pillows bedtime bliss.

Choosing a synthetic option doesn't mean you need to forgo luxury. This soft and squidgy pillow has a 10% silk and 90% microfibre fill for a pillow you won't be able to resist cuddling up with the moment you climb into bed.

The microfibre feels beautifully light and airy, similar to a down-filled duvet, while the silk does more than just sound luxurious. It works hard while you're resting, helping you control your temperature with its moisture-wicking and breathable properties.

​Cased in 300 thread count cotton with satin piped edges for durability. 

 Include 2 microfibre pillows

  • Hotel Quality
  • 48 x 74cm 
  •  Filling: 1200g silk/microfibre mix
  • 300 Thread Count Luxury Egyptain
  • 100% Cotton Cover
  • Satin piped edges
  • Non allergenic.
  • Fully machine washable at 40c

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